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beginning  Baby Please Don't Go   standard tuning

I don't know the history of this song and only heard it played one time by the guy who showed it to me as a kid.  There are a few things about this piece that make it a good learning tool.
   The first thing I'd like to point out is the ending.  I used the ending of this song on "Spike Driver Blues" in session 5.  To this day I still think it's one of the coolest blues ending I've heard.
   The main theme of the tune transposes and repeats itself through the chord changes of the song.  It almost sounds like a call and response.  The other thing I like is the coda.  We do two measures of D7 and then go up to a *C7 on the 8th fret.  Look carefully at the way the chords are fingered in the diagram.  The position of the *C7 chord is fingered just like a G7 on the 3rd fret, and the D7 is just like a C7 chord moved up a whole step to the 5th fret.
 The point here is that sometimes you can take a chord that you know one place and make it function as another chord someplace else on the neck.

As of the time of initial posting, we don't yet have the MP3s for this tune. Watch this space.

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MP3s....a fast and slow
version. Listen to the fast
version a few times to
get the feel of the tune.
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