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Intermediate   Both Sides Now  Open D tuning DADF#AD

Joni Mitchell was a big influence on my writing and playing, not only as a songwriter, but as a very inventive and great guitarist.  She did a lot of experimenting and laid the groundwork for altered tunings used by many guitarists.  She is one of the few people I can think of who has successfully integrated folk, jazz and rock.
   I've heard arrangements of "Both Sides Now", also known as "Clouds", in open G tuning.  For a change I decided to arrange this song as an instrumental in open D tuning.  I did my best to phrase my version of the melody and words and I think it would be a good idea to hear Joni's or Judy Collins' version to help you along.

  I've made some very simple references to dynamics in here.  There are three identical repeating phrases starting on the 3rd measure of line three.  You'll notice the word "quiet" followed by "louder" & "louder!".  This is an attempt on my part of make you start thinking of another dimension to your playing you might not have thought of.  Try to start thinking of your right hand as not only a way to play the notes but also as a volume control.  
   Listen to the MP3 and, if you can, try to listen to the original too.  You'll notice that I'm straying from the usual alternating bass line more common in blues and ragtime guitar pieces.
   I think you'll find the real challenge to this piece isn't so much the right or left hand, but capturing the essence and feeling of the song.  

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MP3s....a fast and slow
version. Listen to the fast
version a few times to
get the feel of the tune.
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