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advanced "Colored Aristocracy" in G6 tuning.
This tune is an old traditional minstrel tune probably from as far back as 1830.  It also was probably written on the banjo, which is how I heard it done by Taj Mahal.  The tablature shown here is based in part from Guy Van Duser's "American Finger Style Guitar".       I recorded it as a rumba on my "Black Key Blues" CD in 1997.  My version is difficult, and that's why I decided to use this version, which is fairly straightforward.
There are a few things I think will help you.  I've highlighted the triplets in this tune.  Start off by not playing the triplets.  This means you would start the song off on the first beat of the first measure, as opposed to the 4th beat introduction triplet (which is highlighted).  When you get to the second triplet, 4th beat, 2nd measure (also highlighted), just play the 4th string open instead. Once you get the first line down, add the triplets.  Make sure you look at the left hand fingering.  It's very important to make the e- chord the exact way I have shown: index finger, 6th string second fret and middle finger, 4th string 2nd fret.  Then take care of the melody with your ring finger and your pinky.  This is very important and it will make things easier in the long run, even though it may at first seem awkward.  
Also notice that there are two first and second endings, and that the A bar chord you cover the first through 5th strings second fret to accommodate the altered 5th string in this G6 tuning.  This is a very rewarding piece.  Good Luck

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