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Advanced. Doc's Guitar.

Even though I play this tune fast, I could never even begin to play it as fast as Doc.

First off, you should listen to the mp3 and follow along with the tab.  I play the first two measures three times then go on to finish line one.  The first line is really just the intro, and the tune really begins on line two.  I play line two & three and repeat them.  After the repeat I go on to play line four & five.  At the end of line five it will say D.S. al coda. At this point you go back to the beginning of line two where you'll see a funny looking S with a slash through it.  This is a "dal segno" sign,  other wise known as a D.S. You play line two and three over. When you reach line three (3rd measure), stop at the circle with the cross hairs and go down to the bottom of the page where you'll see another crosshair.  This is the Coda.  Play on through to the end.  Notice the second & third measures of the coda are repeated just like in the beginning.

Once again, You'll notice "hammer on's" and "pull off's"  being played at the same time as a bass note.  Approach these and the whole tune in the same way as  described in "Buckdancers Choice".

Also take note that on line Five you'll see the letter "p"(right hand thumb) under the bass notes and "i" (right hand index finger) next to the letter"b" with a curved line above the next two notes.  This is a technique called  "brush picking".  Play the bass note with your thumb and the brush the next two notes in succession with your index finger.  Doc does this trick which produces an airy effect.

You will also notice (parenthesized) notes in the tab.  These "ghost notes" as I call them are to be used in place of the notes there under. not at the same time!  When you listen to the mp3 you'll notice that the first time through the tune I don't play these parenthesized notes, and the second time through I do.  These "Ghost notes" add a little change and color to the piece.

Don't worry about speed.  Just try and to get it clean.  The speed will come with patience and practice.

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MP3s....a fast and slow
version. Listen to the fast
version a few times to
get the feel of the tune.
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