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intermediate Down To The Banks standard tuning

If there ever was a song that I could directly earmark as a turning point in my guitar playing, it would be this Reverend Gary Davis number.  Calling this an intermediate song is a misnomer.  I was an intermediate player when I learned it, but afterwards a whole new world opened up.
Any one who knows me, knows my ultimate respect for the Rev.  He played the guitar as if it were a choir.  If you listened carefully you can hear all the counterpoint and moving voices in his playing.  Gary Davis introduced me to four and five fingered chords up the neck. On line 2 (3rd and 4th ) measure you'll find a four fingered G chord and a G Bar. You'll also find a F#7 sliding to a G7 on the third line. Practice all these changes slowly until your comfortable making them. These are important changes for your arsenal of chords.
   I really started composing on the guitar after I learned this piece. I played an arrangement of this song  the year I won the National Fingerpicking Contest in 1984, and I attribute my tune "The Stars Up Above" directly to the learning of this piece. Don't give up just because the tune is hard.  Think of this as a turning point in your playing. Listen to the recording carefully, and once again practice those great four fingered chords until they're second nature.  I use some alternative fills that I've heard Gary Davis use before in his recordings.  Where they go is marked with asterisks in the music and the fills themselves are at the bottom of the page.  Good luck!  I hope you enjoy the Rev as much as I do.

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