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Part 3:  The drop D practice song.
This is where it all started for me.  The drop D practice song will help you get the independent, or "blind thumb", needed to learn fingerstyle guitar. The thumb goes back and forth between the 6 and 4 strings keeping the beat. I've noticed over the years that people's right hands have far less ability than the left hands.  While their left hands are capable of gymnastic feats up and down the neck, their right hands lag behind without the same attention and practice given to left hand.

For this song, the most important thing are the rules for the right hand.  Here they are:  The right hand thumb plays only the 6, 5, 4 strings.  The index finger plays only 2 and 3.  And the middle finger plays the 1st string.  I find that people's hands ( and I include myself in this) have the tendency to dictate their playing through muscle memory as opposed to using their ear.  A simple exercise like the one you're about to play can actually help to make a quantum leap in your thinking and playing just by the virtue of making your brain tell your right hand what to do as opposed to always telling your left hand what to do.

Make sure you adhere to the 3 finger style when learning this song even though you might have been taught to use your right hand another way. Notice that the progression for the right hand repeats itself through the whole piece and when you reach the a7 chord you play the 5 string in the bass instead of the 6th.  Learn the progression in the open position (just with your right hand).  When you get the progression down, add the chords

A staff line going down means you play it with your thumb.  Numbers above the tabulature indicate left hand fingering.
You'll notice an angled slash with a dot on either usually means to repeat the prior measure, but in this case, I use it as a shorthand to repeat the right hand pattern.  

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MP3s....a fast and slow
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get the feel of the tune.
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