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beginning Dvorak standard tuning

Anthony Dvorak  (1841-1904) was a classical composer from Czechoslovakia.  He had a love of traditional folk music, and it permeated his music.  He lived in New York City from 1892 through 1895 and spent at least one summer vacationing in Spillville, Iowa, which was a Czech community.  It is stated that he wrote a large number of etudes and "part songs" which is where this piece might have come from.  I learned this piece as a child and think it's a beautiful piece of music that has a lot to offer to the student guitarist in the way of dynamics. It has a completely different feel to it than any other piece in this book.  The first and second measure of line two I find particularly beautiful.  It's a very simple motif going from C to a- and has a very regal resolution.  Little pieces like this can really open the mind to understanding the intimacies of the guitar.
There are two sections "A" & "B" to this tune.  In the second part, I think there's good practice to be had with the F wrap-around chord.  The wrap-around F chord is probably one of the hardest things for my students to pick up.  Keeping the thumb down on the first fret of the 6th string at the same time as covering the 1st and 2nd string with the index is very difficult.  In this piece you don't have to keep your index down at all times.  You can let the melody dictate the moves of the left hand, letting the index finger go back and forth between the first and second string as needed, but make sure you keep the wrap-around thumb in place.  This is a delicate piece of music, and should be played light touch.  There are highs and lows in this piece.  Let it bring you back in time to when things weren't quite as fast as today.

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