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beginner  Girl From The North Country

This beautiful Bob Dylan song is a must for beginners. This is based on the first version that Bob recorded on the album "Don't Look Back". He played it solo and capoed the guitar on the fourth fret, and you can play along with him if you have that recording. It's much different than the famous version that he did with Johnny Cash and a full band.  Over the years I've found one big problem for students is to fingerpick and sing at the same time. For the most part, students have been strumming the guitar to accompany their voice.  The jump and ensuing demands of fingerpicking and having to sing while trying to keep track of your right hand can be very difficult.  For example, the song that I covered in the second series "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" is a little easier to pick and sing because the same right hand pattern is used over and over.

You should break this song into three separate parts or patterns. The first part, line one, is the intro and also the recurring theme after every verse.  I would consider the second part to be at the beginning of line two where the verse begins.  You have a simple descending bass line going into the strumming and then repeating right hand pattern picking over the b-6 chord.  If you never made a ( b minor 6 ) chord before it will be a bit of a stretch but well worth it. It's a beautiful chord and should be added to your repertoire.

It also has its own repeating right hand pattern. And finally the third part is the end of line two ( D chord with the F# in the bass) which ends each verse and also has its own right hand pattern. Play this over and over until it's second nature and securely under your fingers; then try adding the vocals.

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