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Living in the Country

Most people associate Pete Seeger with the banjo, children songs or union songs.
This tune in drop D tuning has been recorded by Leo Kottke, Chet Atkins,  Twice by me, once with steel drum and most recently solo on my album Kind Heroes.  I guess that really attests to how musical the man is when he can not only write all that I mentioned but also produce a piece that has become a standard in the repertoire of many fingerpickers.  

Notice the asterisk next to many of the measures.  This indicates a very common right hand pattern that I call a pick and roll.  You'll notice that two strings are picked at the same time (pick), then the adjacent treble string is plucked on the up beat (and), then the follow through with the right hand thumb (roll)  Hence the "pick and roll" You will also see line 2 second measure, next to the D.  

The word wait!  It means just that,  make sure you treat the next note like a Quarter note and don't rush getting to it with your thumb. You'll also see the word "pivot"under the number 1. in this case you lift your left hand from a D chord while leaving your index finger down on the 3rd string second fret. Make sure you can follow all the repeats, first and second endings correctly with the recording.  

At the end of the tune you will see D.S. al and what looks to be a birds eye(fermata).  This means go back to the D.S. sign (line 1, beginning of the third measure) and play until you get to the "fermata"or birds eye. This tune will also help your confidence with going up above the 5th fret.  It was one of my favorite tunes growing up and it's a lot of fun to play.  Good luck!!

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