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Railroad Blues

This is a tune that I learned when I was 13 years old. It's an old blues that I haven't seen recorded or documented in any publication before.  I once had a student say he heard it on a "Marine instructional video" but I could never confirm that.

In any case, this tune is a great number to learn slides, chokes or (bends), syncopation and lastly I introduce "grace notes" (line 3, 3rd measure).  A grace note in this case is a very quick slide.  In my classes I describe a grace note as a slide or hammer on, that happens so quickly that you don't hear the origin (first note) played, just the goal (second) note. A grace note is always to the left of the note that it's attached to and you'll notice much smaller.  Listen and read the tab carefully and you'll hear it and see what I mean.  

Note that the song starts on the forth beat with a slide from the 5th string second fret up to the 5th string seventh fret. A slide is always indicated with a straight line between the notes as opposed to a curved line like the hammer on's in The Cuckoo.  Make sure you look at the left hand fingering above the staff on line 1 measure two.  It's there to help you! And also notice the "ch" next to the second string 8th fret throughout the first line and second line on the first measure.  This is a notation for a "choke" or bend.  You do this by pushing up the string or bending it.  Once again, Listen to the recording to hear the "choke".

Play this song hard and make sure you have a smooth transition from the last note in line 2 first measure(open 4th string) going into the first and second endings.

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