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Some samples from the CDs.
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Marine Band
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Georgia Camp Meet
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I'll Be All Right
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Whistlin' Blues
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1. Marine Band
2. I Belong To The Band
3. I Will Do My Last Singing In This Land
4. At A Georgia Camp Meeting
5. Candy Man
6. O, Glory
7. Rag Blues In C
8. Let Us Get Together
9. Soldiers Drill
10. Whistlin' Blues
11. I'll Be All Right
12. There's Destruction In This Land
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Marching Through
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Texas Radio
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Springboard Chop
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1. Sovereignty "Motreshka"  (Lugosch)
2. The Old Stomping Ground
3. Marching Through Georgia  
   (Henry Clay Work)
4. Texas Radio  (Lugosch/Dewan)
5. Strung Out (Lugosch)
6. Brighton Camp
7. Elmira  (Van Duser)
8. I Wonder  (Cecil Gant)

9. Springboard Chop  (Lugosch)
10. Christmas Time Is Here
     (Vince Guaraldi)
11. We Can Go (Lugosch/Dewan)
12. Jungle Jim  (Lugosch)
13. Calvary Dreams  (Lugosch)
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I'm Confessin'
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Livin' In The Country
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I'll Be All Right
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1. Kind Heroes  (Lugosch)
2. Primate House  (Lugosch)
3. I'm Confessin'                                
( dougherty/reynolds/BORNE.inca)
4. Lingua Franca  (Lugosch)
5. All I Wanna Do (Lugosch)
6. St. Thomas (sonny rollins)  
7. Dissertation in the Park (Lugosch)

8. Tripping on My Own Feet (Lugosch)
9. It's not true  (shipton, van duser)
10. Livin' in the country  (pete seeger)
11. Her Grace  (Lugosch)
12. Windy and Warm  (JD Loudermilk)
13. I'll be All Right  (gary davis & trad.)
14.  I Love You Don't I (Lugosch)
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Her Grace
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The Stars Up Above
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More Reasons
   Than Stars
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1. Her Grace (Lugosch/Polk/Lugosch)
2. Change of Heart (Eric Lugosch)
3. Living in the Country
(Pete Seeger, arr. Lugosch)
4. More Reasons Than Stars (Eric Lugosch)
5. I Wanna Know (Eric Lugosch)
6. Colored Aristocracy (trad, arr. Lugosch)
7. You Were In August (Eric Lugosch)
8. Stalwart Rubbermaid (Eric Lugosch)

9. Don't Start Wanting (Eric Lugosch)
10. Stars Up Above (Eric Lugosch)
11. There's a Destruction
     (trad, arr Lugosch)
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Eighths of January
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1.Cajun Cook (Lugosch)
2.Eighths of January (trad, arr. Lugosch)
3. Stars Up Above (Lugosch)
4. There's a Destruction
     (rev gary davis, arr. Lugosch)
5. Colored Aristocracy (trad, arr. Lugosch)
6. Strike (Lugosch)
7. Black Key Blues (Lugosch)
8. Sandy's Dream (Lugosch)

9. God Bless the Child (Billie Holiday)
10. Manganese (Thelonius Monk)
11. Four Roses (Lugosch)
12. The Last Garden (Lugosch)
13. Pork Belly Futures (Lugosch)
14. De Riguer (Lugosch)
15. Glory of Love
       (Hill/Shapiro/Bernstein &co.)
16. Looking Back (Lugosch)
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