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Beginner level.  Shady Grove.  Standard tuning.

   Happy New Year everybody. I've borrowed most of my ideas from this beautiful traditional song from Doc Watson.  He's recorded it on guitar and also banjo.  I've put together a mixture of the two.  I play it on the guitar but I treat as if it were an old time claw hammer banjo tune.  I play the melody with my right hand thumb, just as in the Cuckoo, while keeping the driving syncopations going with my index finger. This is very good practice for your thumb as well as your whole right hand technique. Look carefully at line one measure three.  Notice that the second melody note is played with the right hand index finger (i) and the next note with the thumb (p) .  Take this passage very slowly until it feel comfortable with your right hand.  Also notice hammer on, pull off on line two third measure.  Practice just getting the melody down before adding the strumming. Look carefully at the first and second endings. The first time through the song ends with a d-  and the second time through it ends with a D major.
  At first this looks like a simple little ditty, but after you master it you'll see just how challenging it can be.

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MP3s....a fast and slow
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version a few times to
get the feel of the tune.
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