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Intermediate.  The Glory Of Love.  Standard tuning

   I recorded this show song as an instrumental in the key of E on my Black Key Blues cd.  This is an easier arrangement in the key of C.  I think the most famous recording of this song was done by Big Bill Broonzy on his famous Folkways release. Big Bill is someone to get familiar with. He plays his arrangement in the key of C also, and was a great master on the guitar.

   I borrow a few things from other arrangements I've done in these series just to make a point of how your own repertoire can be expanded with what you already know.  For example, the last measure of line one is a take off from Candy Man in session 1, and the first measure of line five is using the f- position from I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry  in session two.  
   In the intro I've added something a little different. The bass line descends while the melody line ascends.  This is called "contrary motion" and is something new for your repertoire.You should look carefully and make sure you notice that there is a first, second and third ending to this lively classic!

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MP3s....a fast and slow
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